Member Benefits

Annual Conference

CCID's Annual Conference continues to be the premier networking event for International Programs Community College Staff.  The event is known for offering relevant professional development opportunities, intimate access to vendors, information on collaboration and funding opportunities, and the latest news and trends from across the industry.  Join us in St. Pete's Beach, Florida on February 7-10, 2020 for our next conference.

Discussion Forums

CCID Discussion Forums join members together to communicate, engage, and learn from each other. Through this collaborative venue, members can ask questions of their peers, post resources, initiate discussions, and get timely, relevant advice.

Funding Opportunities

CCID Funding Database provides members with current funding opportunities culled from a number of different sources, including government and private sources, as well as opportunities offered by CCID Partners.

Internationalization Tool Kit

The CCID Member Portal includes a comprehensive and current list of tools available to assist institutions across all areas of internationalization.  Whether you are highly internationalized or have just recently made the commitment to begin the journey, CCID provides professional development resources, data tools and comprehensive materials to streamline study abroad, international student recruitment, funding and international partnerships.

Member Discounts

CCID Members qualify for a number of discounts and incentives through our relationships with our Outreach Partners.

Partner Find

CCID PartnerFind allows members to search for potential institutional partners based on a variety of fields including; enrollment, study abroad programs, co-curricular activities, English language programs, countries of engagement, and much more.

Non-members may purchase a customized CCIDPartnerFind report to connect with colleges for potential partnership development. Contact us for more information at or +1 281.290.2909.