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Founded in 1976, CCID has been helping members further their internationalization initiatives and develop globally competent workers for almost 50 years.  Today, more than ever, employers are looking for graduates with multi-cultural experiences and CCID is committed to helping our members meet that need.​​​​

Mission Statement:  Community Colleges for International Development engages and empowers an international association of community, technical, and vocational institutions to create globally engaged learning environments.

Vision: That all community, technical and vocational institutions integrate international perspectives and experiences into their curricula and campus culture in order to develop globally competent students, faculty, and staff.

Values: Community Colleges for International Development believes

  • An appreciation of international perspectives and values enhances all aspects of one's life.
  • Global Citizens embrace all nationalities and cultures.
  • Global understanding, cultural competence, and engagement promote student success, business productivity, and healthier communities.
  • Every institution of higher learning should create transformative international experiences through teaching, travel and community engagement.
  • CCID member institutions play a vital role in promoting international education and facilitating global citizenship.


CCID Bylaws 


CCID Vision & History