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CCID Programs


In partnership with Asociación Mexicana para la Educación Internacional (AMPEI), CCID is pleased to announce its participation in a Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) training program funded by The Stevens Initiative.  This program is designed to create COIL/virtual exchange partnerships between U.S., Canadian and Mexican institutions.  The program will include virtual COIL training in May and October 2024, virtual “Academic Speed Dating” sessions to identify COIL teaching partners and a special COIL Coordinator (staff) seminar in Fall 2024.  Since CCID is a partner of AMPEI, faculty from CCID member colleges are eligible to receive a scholarship to attend these sessions at no cost.

To become a CCID member, register here. To view a comprehensive set of benefits for membership, in addition to this training, visit us online here.

Space will be limited and we encourage you to follow the instructions below as soon as possible!  Only 20 faculty pairs (40 faculty total) may take part in the virtual COIL training sessions taking place each month.

  1. Determine whether you already have a potential COIL partner.  Partners must be from the U.S., Canada or Mexico only.
  2. If you do NOT have a COIL partner, sign up for one of the Academic Dating Sessions by scanning the QR code on the flyer or clicking here.  You are also encouraged to register your personal and teaching profile on AMPEI’s Partnership Platform here to identify a potential COIL teaching partner.
  3. If you DO have a COIL partner (or once you secure one), sign up for a COIL Design Workshop here.  Please note that your COIL teaching partner must also register for the same Workshop so that you both receive the same training.
  4. You, and your partner, will be notified of your selection to the COIL Design Workshop prior to the workshop’s start date.
  5. Find up to date information on the PICS-AMERICAS website here or email


*Virtual sessions take place in May, June, July, August, September and October for four weeks.  Please note that sessions in August and November are conducted in Spanish.


COIL Coordinator Seminar

Registration information for the COIL Coordinator seminar will be available at a later date.  It is possible for a few COIL Coordinators to attend a COIL Design Workshop and access educational materials asynchronously.  Those interested may also register for a COIL Design Workshop of their choice.  Participation, however, is not guaranteed.

The COIL Coordinator seminar will focus on preparing colleagues on how to teach COIL courses and how to institutionalize COIL programming on your campus.  Several COIL experts will be present for the training to share their experiences.

Be sure to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity!

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