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Simona Lehotská, an international student at EAL


Since 2015, Lillebaelt Academy University of Applied Science’s (EAL) international strategy has focused on developing cooperation with non-European higher education institutions. EAL has in the last year had great success with developing Erasmus+ international credit mobility project proposals, and is currently cooperating in projects funded by the European Union with HEIs in Kosovo, Russia, Chile, Taiwan, Vietnam and New Zealand. The purpose of the projects is to promote student and teacher/staff mobility, and to develop joint modules and double degrees.
“By cooperating with HEIs outside of Europe we have entered the global community. We can now ensure that our students can participate in mobility concepts that develop skills and competences relevant, not only for the European work market, but also for the global work market”, Jacob Mentz, Director of International Affairs.

Lillebaelt Academy is a CCID Board Member Institution.  Read more about EAL at

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