CCID is a global network of community, technical, and vocational institutions dedicated to creating globally engaged learning environments.

Members engage within the network to improve practices, participate in learning communities, and collaborate to advance global opportunities at the college level. 

Which CCID members are currently working in India? Australia? Mexico?
Which CCID members now offer 4-year degrees?
Which CCID members are working on overseas development projects?

CCIDPartnerFind is a new tool to harness the power within the CCID global network. For just about any international activity, you need partners. CCIDPartnerFind will help you find partners faster! With this new tool, membership enhancements include:


In addition to the college CEO and Senior International Officer, you will have the ability to add up to four additional contacts for CCID. This may include senior administrators, faculty members, international education office staff, or others of your choice. 

Build your international profile with information about current activities including enrollment, study abroad, co-curricular activities, English language programs, countries of engagement, and much more. Access to the profile will be limited to current CCID members and staff. 

Interested in finding CCID colleges working in a specific country for possible grant partnerships? Or seeking models of Global Education Certificates? Or, if your institution is located outside of the U.S., finding colleges active in your country? CCIDPartnerFind can easily assist!

Here is an instructional video to assist you in filling out your CCID PartnerFind profile:


Become a member of CCID today to start enjoying this new membership benefit. You will have your institution’s profile listed in the searchable database, and you will have the ability to make unlimited searches of other CCID members!  

Members can simply log in to use CCIDPartnerFind, or non-members can click here to join CCID!

Non-members may purchase a customized CCIDPartnerFind report to connect with colleges for potential partnership development. Contact us for more information: / 319-210-2788

CCID Spotlight! (New!)

August 3, 2015


Shaping Students’ Futures through Study Abroad to Ecuador, Summer 2015
Seventeen nursing students from Hillsborough Community College and Roane State Community College embarked on an experience of a lifetime by participating in a two-week, faculty-led study abroad course to Ecuador during the summer of 2015.  From tours of health facilities, discussions with health care workers and students, to providing basic health assessments for children and therapeutic crafts for elderly, students were afforded opportunities in a variety of settings to compare and develop a better appreciation for each other and healthcare in both nations.

The group spent the first week in Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, where learning activities were scheduled by the Central University of Ecuador. During the second week, students visited a small community in the rainforest region. A professor from Arizona State University operating the field school helped arrange activities in the community, including a visit to a foundation working with victims of trafficking. Students were very touched by this experience, learning about each client’s history of mistreatment. While in the rainforest, the nursing students were also able to provide treatment for hair lice for children at two different schools. Each and every student in the group displayed great teamwork and was willing to do whatever it took to accomplish the task at hand.
“Ecuador has shaped me into a new person. I feel as though I have a new perspective on life, a new way to approach situations, challenges and obstacles… Every situation we went through, everything I witnessed firsthand has impacted my outlook on life and my views as a nurse.… I loved my experiences in Ecuador, and I will be forever grateful to have been given this opportunity. I would recommend all future nurses to take, if not this trip, a trip similar to this. Ecuador will always be a part of me, and the lessons I learned through this experience I will carry with me throughout my career.” (Quote from the participating students’ final project) 

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