CCID is a global network of community, technical, and vocational institutions dedicated to creating globally engaged learning environments.

Members engage within the network to improve practices, participate in learning communities, and collaborate to advance global opportunities at the college level. 

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CCID Spotlight!

February 1, 2016

Jiangsu Institute of Commerce (JIC) is one of the National Demonstration Model (Key) Institutes established in Jiangsu Province, China in 1952. JIC now has 2 campuses and covers 66 hectares. It includes 11 schools and boasts a high-level faculty of more than 600 teachers. The number of full-time students is nearly 12,000, and more than 700 students are involved in the joint-program with Netherlands, Australia, or Singapore.

Making Dumplings!

In 2012, Jiangsu Institute of Commerce recruited the first batch of international students pursuing the Diploma study in Jiangsu province, and now the international students on campus is 105.  All of them are from Vietnam, Indonesia, Italy, and Tanzania.

Mountain Trip!

JIC puts efforts toward enhancing partnerships to recruit students and improve the study and life environment, which helps students integrate with each other more quickly and in a better manner. JIC also designed the language teaching and curriculum system scientifically. All of the students pass the Chinese Proficiency Test band 4 (HSK4), and are able to enter into their professional studies.


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