CCID is a global network of community, technical, and vocational institutions dedicated to creating globally engaged learning environments.

Members engage within the network to improve practices, participate in learning communities, and collaborate to advance global opportunities at the college level. 

CCID's Framework for Comprehensive Internationalization (FCI 1.5) is here!

A task force of CCID members and partners were deeply involved in the revisions. Some highlights include:

  • Clarified & simplified language for consistency

  • Reduced number of indicators

  • Updated study abroad indicators to reflect changing terminology in the field

  • Added "Don't Know" response option

CCID also provides services that include a Framework-based online data collection tool and report that highlight the areas of consensus from staff, faculty, and leaders at your institution. Additionally we can build an onsite workshop to further engage a broad representation of all constituencies in the internationalization process; this workshop also provides an opportunity to vet and validate results from the online report. If you are interested in either of these, or just have general questions, please Contact Us today!


Contact Us if your institution would like a copy of FCI 1.5.
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CCID Spotlight! (New!)

October 5, 2015


     Last July and August 2015, The University of Texas welcomed José Obed Aranda Santos from the Universidad Tecnológica del Norte de Aguascalientes (UTNA), Mexico.
José, a student from accounting program at UTNA, received an opportunity to be part of a program called TrepCamp with his proposal Tire Recycling, a project that he developed in one of his courses as part of his academic training at UTNA.
     The TrepCamp Program (, working to promote internationalization for university students in Aguascalientes, offered scholarships to some young entrepreneurs. Only a few were accepted to be at the University of Texas, where ecological projects are supported.  José participated in a three-week intensive innovative training program designed for successful entrepreneurs. 

     At the University of Texas, José had the opportunity to interact with high-impact entrepreneurs. He attended workshops to develop entrepreneurial competencies such as honing his innovation skills, building project capacity, and learning how to build good relationships and network.
     Since returning from his training in the in U.S., he has motivated UTNA and Aguascalientes students to improve the English language skills and to think about how to lead successful ecological projects.

José Obed Aranda Santos


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