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International Student Recruitment

CCID has relationships with many student recruitment agencies as well a number of resources available to guide newcomers through the process of engaging a recruiter.

Many of our member institutions such as Miami-Dade College (2,341 international students), Green River with nearly 2,000 international students (22% of FTE) and Lone Star Community College (2,943 students), are recognized leaders in this area.  These members are accessible via CCID's Learning Communities and Workgroups to assist other members looking to grow their international student populations.  CCID will also cover this topic in our e-Learning series.

We are also tapped into numerous Government resources, both here in the U.S. and abroad, that are designed to assist International Students find places here in the US.  From financial assistance to on the ground recruitment processes, CCID can guide you through the process.

To take advantage of all of these resources, contact CCID about becoming a member today.