Comprehensive Sickness and Accident Insurance

iNext Comprehensive Insurance benefits at a glance. To download a .pdf of the schedule of benefits and FAQ: iNext Insurance                           

CCID has partnered to offer members a comprehensive plan with streamlined processing for our members through a new partnership with iNext International Insurance. Members are able to work directly with iNext for a faster and more simplified process.
Students, Faculty and Staff of CCID member institutions traveling abroad on official business are eligible for reduced rate coverage through iNext International Insurance. iNext plans not only provide medical, accident, mental health, and emergency dental coverage, but also have repatriation and emergency medical evacuation built into the plans. iNext products are underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Companies with a rating of A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best Company.
Before signing up with iNext International Insurance, please research whether your home institution already offers such coverage. If yes, should a claim be filed, there will be a coordination of benefits with your other insurance provider.

To enroll a group, CCID Member Institutions may sign up directly with iNext Director, Jeff Thaxter, who will put you in touch with your regional representative:
Jeff Thaxter

The sign up process is easy. iNext will set up your institution with a Billing Agreement that will extend the discounted partner rates to your institution. It is best to contact iNext several weeks prior to your departure dates to ensure everyone is enrolled and the cards are issued prior to their trip. 


There are two options through CCID’s new partnership with iNext International Insurance.  The pricing is based on the level of coverage your institution requires and the age of the participant.  The rates below are based on the participant’s age being between 13-59.  For participants 60 and over, the pricing is $4.80/day/participant for the $250,000 sickness coverage and $5.10 for the $500,000 sickness coverage.
Option 1: iNext Basic Comprehensive with $250,000 sickness and $500,000 accident coverage Option 2: iNext Comprehensive Ultimate with $500,000 sickness and $500,000 accident (NEW!)  Features no exclusion for Pre-Existing Conditions and higher Trip Delay benefit ($150/day to max $600)
10 days or fewer: $1.50 x 10 =$15.00/participant
14-day: $1.50 x 14 = $21.00/participant
21-day: 41.50 x 21 = $31.50/participant
Semester long: $37.50/month/participant
10 days or fewer: $1.65 per day x 10 = $16.50/participant
14-day: $1.65 x 14 = $23.10/participant
21-day x $1.65 x 21 = $34.65/participant
Semester long: $46.00 month/participant

The plans have 2 optional upgrades:
1. Trip cancellation/interruption: $90.00/participant/trip.
Coverage Level    Per Person/Trip
Option 1- $1,500 $69.00
Option 2- $3,000 $99.00
Option 3- $5,000 $120.00
Option 4- $7,000 $149.00

2. Political and Natural Disaster Evacuation (coverage is provided by Inter-Hannover): starts at $9.85/participant/month.


The iNext plans are designed to cover any unforseen or unexpected illness while abroad.  They do NOT cover check-ups or routine care/maintenance.  For more detailed information, see the following:

iNext Health Insurance Plans for “F” and “J-1” Students, Faculty and Dependents Coming to Your School! NEW!

Starting at $38.75 per person per month, iNext offers three scalable options for short -term voluntary health coverage through the Aetna network.   
The iNext Essential, iNext Scholar and iNext Scholar Plus Plans offer:
CCID Member Institutions will receive a discounted rate for group enrollments.  This will vary by plan selected and age composition of your group.  Contact us for a custom quote.
For further information or for individual enrollments, please visit: