CCSIES: Community College Student Internationalization Experience Survey (New!)



1. How do internationalization activities relate to learning outcomes? How can these relationships be measured?

2. Is my college investing resources in a manner that impacts student outcomes? 

CCID collaborated with the University of Toledo to examine the internationalization experience of community college students by creating a student survey to document the variety of international areas in which students are involved, namely international programs, services, and classroom practices.

The survey provides benchmark data that allows for the exploration of the influence, if any, that these student involvements in internationalization activities have on key student outcomes. 

Each institution participating in the survey receives a dataset with the survey results. They also receive an institutional report that includes frequencies of student involvement in curricular and co-curricular internationalization activities, indicating the relationships between involvements and student internationalization outcomes. When available, comparative statistics for similar-sized institutions will be provided. 

This data can then be used to adjust internationalization strategies for more impactful practices.

For more information and to learn how to get involved with this survey, please visit the University of Toledo’s CCSIES page or view the full brochure.  CCID members benefit from significantly reduced rates.