CCID's Mission

For 40 years, Community Colleges for International Development, Inc. (CCID) has provided a network for colleges to further their internationalization initiatives and to enhance the development of a globally competent workforce for the communities they serve. CCID members also engage in partnerships with institutions worldwide to open opportunities for exchanges and knowledge sharing among students, faculty, staff, leadership and trustees at home.

CCID is a global network of community, technical, and vocational institutions dedicated to creating globally engaged learning environments.

CCID promotes student success and supports campuses to build capacity in the following ways:
Members engage within the network to improve practices, participate in learning communities, and collaborate to advance global opportunities at the college level.

CCID was founded at Brevard Community College in 1976 based on the rationale that community colleges needed to be involved in international activities and that a consortium of community colleges would find more international opportunities than a single college could acting independently. As communities depend on their community colleges to drive economic development, institutions must be able to produce a globally competent and competitive workforce. To accomplish this, CCID members believe that students need to develop cultural competencies; faculty must be knowledgeable and willing to infuse a global perspective in the curriculum; and leadership and governance must ensure that policy reflects global trends.

One of the greatest services CCID can provide to its members is access to the resources and knowledge necessary to "make the case" for globalization at their community colleges. Our members represent a cadre of experienced leaders, faculty, and senior international officers who have successfully leveraged community connections, business and industry partners, and international linkages to ensure students opportunities to engage as global citizens and to secure employment in the 21st century workforce. The experiences of our members inform CCID's programs and services so the knowledge can be shared and successful models can be adapted to local contexts. We welcome the opportunity to assist your institution as it defines and navigates a pathway toward comprehensive internationalization.